Private Course Dinner Party

 We cater custom dinner parties in you're home for up to 60 people. Host a great event without the fuss and leave the cooking to us! We prepare multi-course fine dinning in you're home.  A consultation with the Chef and a personalized menu, pre-service preparation and cleanup are included.  Pricing varies depending on the complexity of the menu and level of service and also includes groceries, but typically range from $85-$125  per persons for a multi-course sit-down dinner.  Wine and beer pairing can also be included and run 100$-150$ per person depending of pairings choices (we can pair with beers,wines, Tequilas and Whiskey/Bourbons). *Substitutions for guest with special diets are available when requested.   We can also walk your guests through a story with our course dinners... Chef Isabelle will get information by meeting with the host, to create a memorable dinner like no other with a story behind each course; from a family food remembrance to a tradition or a travel story, maybe a grandmother's recipe that she can include and put her twist on ...sharing food with friends and family to make  a dinner special to you and your guests. 

 "you never forget beautiful thing that you have made,'[Chef Bugnart] said. 'Even after you eat it, it stays with you - Always." - Julia Child

*Substitutions for guest with diets are available when requested with no extra charges.


From Holiday party to showers, business meeting and cocktail party, BelleCal Seasonal can help.  Price will be determine once you're menu has been finalized. The amount of guest, quantity require and the set menu or amuse-bouche requested will give us an idea on the price range.We are offering full buffet table to drop off delivery to a full service party/event. Cheese board table also available and dressed with all the accoutrements. 

 $8-$30 person


Meal Prep options/private chef services

85$Hourly Chefs Rate + price of groceries: Typically, we set up a day and time. Weekly or every other week. We come to your kitchen, let's say I cook five different entrees and side dishes, which are then packaged and refrigerated. Most clients schedule this while they are at work or out running errands, and come home to a fridge full of fresh custom meals. Most dishes require simple oven heating or microwave to enjoy. To get started, we will have an initial meeting to discuss food preference,dietary needs and restrictions. From there,I can build a flavor profil that suits you're family or you're lifestyle. Within a few days, I will email you a sample menu and we can discuss any changes required. The menus will be sure to contain delicious seasonal wholesome food that reflect your taste and preferences. On our agreed-upon day, I'll set out to shop and arrive at your home to begin cooking. Your meals will be packaged and labeled and the kitchen will be spotless upon your arrival. $ Prices range depending on the amount of people and how many meals requested. Goceries are keep to a low cost since our believe is to use seasonal ingredients and being  smart shopper. Dishes that are healthy, flavorful, easy and  that goes with you're tastes and diet needs is what we at, BelleCal Seasonal are eager to create for you.

*Smaller plans are also available and prices vary. $85/Hour plus the cost of groceries. Please call for more information and we can discuss what we can do to help.


Special Packages 

Say you have a loved one that may have had surgery or maybe a new baby and needs some help with the cooking? We have some packages available. Everyone loves food so why not offer the gift of a cooking break and surprise them with a certificate from BelleCal Seasonal. 

Business Package: You are planning a meeting and want a drop off that is a little (or a lot;) more refined then the usual sandwiches? please contact us and we can set a menu that suit you're needs. price upon request.

Get well Soon Package: Get well soon package include homemade old school chicken soup, we also offer vegeatarian options and even bone broths. Homemade warm biscuits, fresh cut seasonal fruits, homemade yogurt cups, homemade granola, small bouquet of flowers. -$200 (price includes groceries)

New Mommy's & Daddy's "Baby's Home" package:  (2) Two full healthy days of healthy fine food -. 2 snack cups of fresh homemade yogurt with fruit and sides of granola, a healthy hearty soup for lunch with a side of fine baguette and cheeses. Dinner of choice with sides (example-Roasted salmon with french lentils and roasted butternut squash with seasonal salad and chia seed pudding with fresh local fruits). Small flower bouquet. -$300 (price includes groceries) 


***The Mommy & Daddy package can be customized to help mother with a breastfeeding diet and promote lactation.


*Dietary needs  Can't eat it? No Problem. We are experts at crafting delicious meals that accommodate any dietary restrictions. Menus are customized to your preference and needs. From Vegan to Paleo to dairy free, gluten free and more....

Fall dinner party with a 6 course service  Photo credit-

Fall dinner party with a 6 course service

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